100 % High Fat - Pure & Natural Cocoa Powder From Our Farm in Wayanad Kerala Unsweetened

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Net Weight - 250 Grams

Shelf Life - 6 months

Ingredients - 100% Cocoa Powder made of organic Cacao beans

Description –

  • Highest Cocoa Fats: Our Cocoa Powders contain 24 to 25 percent of cocoa fats in the form of rich & aromatic Cocoa Butter. This high cocoa fat volume adds a creamy texture to your desserts & beverages. High Cocoa Butter content results in a more aromatic end product.
  • Small Batch Production: Our Vacuum Packed Cocoa Powders are produced in small batches with precise process controls & an impeccable attention to detail. Our products are tried, tested and used by chocolatiers, confectioners and baristas across the world to produce a wide variety of artisanal desserts and beverages.
  • Natural, Vegan & Flavonoid Rich: Natural Non-Alkalized Cocoa Powder is known for its high flavonoid content. A large volume of these flavonoids are lost when Cocoa Powder is alkalized (Dutch-Process). Pair it with our Cocoa Butter and simply add a sweetener of your choice instead of sugar to create healthy artisanal sugar-free vegan chocolates!
  • Ketogenic Delicacies: Perfect to prepare Ketogenic desserts like brownies, cheesecakes, chocolate & berry parfaits etc. One can also enjoy Ketogenic beverages like Bulletproof coffee by adding a generous amount of Cocoa Powder to it.
  • Low Acidity: High cocoa fats (24%-25%) and low starch levels coupled with an alkaline profile make both our Cocoa Powders; Natural & Alkalized (Dutch processed) exceptionally effective while preparing moist and juicy desserts like cakes, cookies & brownies.

    Our Cacao - The Cacao is Air roasted on a fluid bed proprietary roaster to get the perfect balance of taste and health by not over roasting the cacao and keeping all the nutrients in the cacao intact. It is stone ground for 3 days.

    Our mission is to make super delicious sugar free chocolates with the cacao beans from our farm, so that you can eat sugar free and live guilt free.

    Storage Instructions
    Re-pack the chocolates after consuming it. Store in a cool & dry environment or the refrigerator.

      Vegan & Keto Certified

    ✓ No Emulsifiers or Thickeners 
      Direct Farm to bar chocolate
      Pure Real Chocolate
      No added Sugar                                                                                                          ✓  No Preservatives & No added Fragrances  

    ✓  No additives         
      Soy Free & Gluten Free
      High Protein 
      Low Carb

    P.s all our chocolates are vegan,keto-friendly and very rich in micro nutrients like zinc, magnesium, manganese iron and calcium.