Keto Culture - Blueberry - White Chocolate - Made with Organic Cocoa Butter - 21g protein - 4.2g Net Carbs

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Made with Organic Cocoa Butter sourced from Organic Cacao beans our Plantation in Wayanad, Kerala; Sweetened with Stevia; Strengthened with Raw, Hormone-free, Lactose free , Whey Protein Isolate.

At Keto Culture, we are re-defining the chocolate experience by making sugar-free chocolate both healthy and scrumptious. The first tree to bar chocolate made using the finest Indian cacao, natural cocoa butter extracted from the same beans, stevia (a zero calorie natural sweetener that does not impact blood sugar levels ) and gold standard raw whey protein isolate. With no artificial flavors, stabilizers or preservatives, we have made a 100 percent natural sugar-free chocolate.

Luxurious, Scrumptious & Healthy bars that will re-define your chocolate experience. Enjoy this bar high on healthy fats & protein, low on carb with no artificial flavor or preservative. We use organic Indian cacao sourced locally, roasted skillfully & stone ground for 4-5 days with extra cocoa butter for that luscious and smooth mouthfeel.

Eat sugar-free, live guilt-free ! Our stevia sweetened chocolate exudes the beautiful flavor & texture with no bitter after-taste. Stevia is a natural sweetener with zero calories & no impact on blood sugar level.